Install Teamviewer on Linux Mint (Debian)

  1. Click the Linux Mint menu (lower left of the screen), then search for Terminal then hit the enter key.
  2. Once the Terminal is open, identify if you have 32 bit or 64 bit version, by typing:
    uname -m

    i686 will mean your system is 32-bit.
    x86_64 will mean you’re on 64-bit.

  3. Now download the Teamviewer file from our server by typing:
    For 32-bit:


    For 64-bit:

  4. Install TeamViewer, it may ask for your password to continue.
    sudo dpkg -i tv.deb

    Or you can go to your Home folder and look for tv*.deb file, then double-click it then press Install Package.

  5. Once, it is installed, you will see Teamviewer on the taskbar.

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